Dream it, plan it, do it

50 years of our annual Soaring Calendar

The 2019 Soaring Calendar

50th edition

The gliding picture calendar 2019 presents the whole world of soaring in its variety, the selection of pictures and its informative background. For 50 years now, this calendar has been the standard work among picture calendars in soaring. Freshness and attractiveness have not suffered over the many years. On the contrary: the anniversary edition convinces again with current and interesting 2-language reports and stories.

Dream it, plan it, do it


The flying experience starts with Björn. A racer for the standard class is tested in southern France. Soaring aircraft designers are a special species - we introduce them. Oldtimer fans will find the technology and history of a crane that almost reached the stratosphere in 1940. It is also exciting to see the special love between Hella, a mountain falcon 13 E, and its owner Heinz. Flying between Canada and the USA will be a tightrope walk over Niagara Falls. Accompany a JS3-18 on its maiden flight in South Africa and follow a conversation between Reiner Rose and Bernd Weber about a Discus with E-Power in its nose.

The 2019 JUNIOR Soaring Calendar

Perfect for the desktop

Prices and Order

The calendars can be ordered from now and will be delivered at the beginning of November
The calendar in the format 48 x 29 cm costs 29,80€*.

For the desk there is the "Junior" folding calendar in the format 12.5 x 14 cm for 9.10€*.

Both calendars together cost 34,00€*.
*plus shipping costs

About Us

The forecast is good; the thermals and cloud base promise a fantastic day. You plan, rig, do the DI and pre-flight checks, don the 'chute, climb aboard, strap in, line up for the launch, and soar off into the yonder. You are about to savour an experience that is personal and absolutely unique to you. Soaring is an intensely individual activity calling for patience, passion and devotion – rewarded through those magical moments aloft.


Do you have questions, suggestions or stories that you would like to share with us? Then simply use our practical contact form.


We try to present you stories, experiences and reports about soaring at regular intervals. Take the opportunity to stop by and climb up.

At the moment only in German language.

Make yourself, your loved ones and all soaring enthusiasts a joy for the whole year.

Breathtaking authentic

Our Soaring Calendar celebrates this anniversary. 50 years of selected, high-quality motifs with authentic experiences and detailed explanations all around soaring.

Soaring Calendar with History

The only soaring calendar with experiences and background information of soaring pilots for soaring fans.
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Handing Over the Calender

Nineteen years ago I acquired the internationally acclaimed annual Soaring Calendar from the then publisher Bauverlag of Wiesbaden. Since then, the annual Soaring Calendar flew on to continued success, supported by numerous amateur and professional photographers. With the support of its readers, our calendar now has an amazing 50-year track record, for which we offer our heartfelt thanks.

50 years Soaring Calendar -  thank you!

For personal reasons it is now time for me to pass the baton to the next generation; and I am delighted that Brigitte Gabler of publishers Gabler-Verlag in Switzerland has picked it up. Frau Gabler also publishes the magazine Segelfliegen and completely shares my and your wish for high quality and content.

With effect from 1 September 2019 the Gabler Verlag will deal with all aspects relating to orders for the calendar. You as a customer will benefit greatly from Frau Gabler’s publishing experience. The 2020 issue of the Soaring Calendar has been produced by my regular team of helpers, though this year there can unfortunately be no Junior Soaring Calendar. I wish you continued enjoyment from this delightful product and Frau Gabler all success.

Brigitte Gabler
gabler media
Grabenstrasse 19
CH - 8865 Bilten - Schweiz
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